Wall Panels

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  • Can be used in residential, Commercial, Educational and Office Buildings
  • These walls can be used as load bearing walls, internal walls, cladding walls, retaining walls, lift walls and Boundary walls.
  • Wide variety of finishes can be produced according to the requirement of the project


  • Factory controlled productin ensures better quality
  • Any size and shape can be produced
  • Reduce construction time and maintenance cost
  • Services conduits can be concealed while casting as per MEP requirement
  • Logos and Pictures can be embeded while casting


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Offers instant dry working surface and totally eliminates gangs of man power.

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Boundary Walls

Various wall design patterns available which can be erected over 100 meters per day.

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Beams and Columns

Wide variety of sizes and shapes are available based on requirement of project.

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Most efficient and professional way of building staircases in todays world.

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Manholes, Culverts etc

Can be installed easily on demand and immediately backfilled with superior finish.

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Ready to install wide variety of finishes can be produced as per requirement.