Sohar Precast

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Sohar Precast Contracting Company(SPC) is an excellent-grade limited liability company and is the pioneer of dedicated precast manufacturing in the Sultanate of Oman utilizing the accumulated expertise and experience over 50 years in the field of civil construction, precast manufacturing, environmental technologies.

Incorporated in 2007 in the Sultanate of Oman, Sohar Precast Contracting Company LLC is majority owned by one of the founders of High Slant Contracting Group KSCC(High Slant)- the leader in precast concrete production in Kuwait since 1994. Building on the success and strong reputation gained in Kuwait, SPC aims to replicate and exceed here in Oman.

SPC owns and operates a state-of-the-art precast concrete manufacturing plant in Sohar in order to supply the demand for local precast products. Backed by the biggest precast equipment manufacturers in Europe, SPC is now geared to deliver a full array of precast products of any scope and magnitude in a reasonably short time and offer comprehensive solutions to both the government and private secrors.



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Offers instant dry working surface and totally eliminates gangs of man power.

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Boundary Walls

Various wall design patterns available which can be erected over 100 meters per day.

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Beams and Columns

Wide variety of sizes and shapes are available based on requirement of project.

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Most efficient and professional way of building staircases in todays world.

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Manholes, Culverts etc

Can be installed easily on demand and immediately backfilled with superior finish.

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Ready to install wide variety of finishes can be produced as per requirement.